The Multimedia Interactive Table is a revolutionary multi-touch solution that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects.

It is a user-friendly surface computing technology consisting of a multi-touch system, a high definition screen and a powerful computer with high-tech design and functionalities that make it the perfect advanced choice for leading-edge organizations looking to reinforce a sophisticated, high-end brand personality.

The Interactive Multi-Touch Table, a leap ahead in digital interaction, enables hands manipulation instead of using a keyboard / mouse revolutionizing the way of interactivity with the digital content, while keeping the ability to connect with others & more. The table has four separate starting points, to accommodate multiple users.

The Multi-Touch system

-Detects up to 32 points simultaneously.
-Works on any surface of any size,vertical or horizontal, window or screen.
-Reacts immediately to touch or to ‘pointing’ above the screen
-The sophisticated micro cameras system of Surface sees what is touching it and recognizes fingers, hands, paintbrushes, tagged objects and a list of other real-world items.
-Consists of a hardware that can deal with normal ambient light conditions that will not affect the system. Strong ambient light could be a glare.
-Offers cutting edge capabilities like object recognition, and complex gesture recognition (i.e. circular hand motions), etc.
-Supports multi-touch standard interface due to a special Hand-tracking system that lets control the application multimedia content in a breathtaking way, transforming the surface into an interactive multi-touch computing platform.
-Constitutes a durable and hygienic alternative to traditional touch-screen surfaces.
- Brings Interactivity to any kind of surfaces with a high degree of accuracy
- Transforms all kinds of displays (LED screens ,LCS Screen , Plasma Screen , Projection , Rear Projection) to interactive touch less solutions.
- Distance interactive: customers point in the air to interact with distant content. The simulation of the futuristic Air Touch Interactivity enriches and gives Multimedia Innovation to the Content.
- World Biggest Full HD Glass Screen
Highly interactive, the no touch technology is an innovative solution for any environment calling for rich multimedia experiences. Paravision introduces a gesture-enabled interaction to control and move objects by a simple yet magical hand movement. The touchless screen features measurement tools, a digital magnifier, a 3D wall and interactive videos.

This revolutionary technology with ground-breaking specifications, allows users to navigate through content without touching the screen, creating this engaging and pleasant interactive experience. Particularly successful in high-impact and high-visibility applications, we can accommodate screens from 44 to 70 inches, 100 inches, 150 inches, and 200 inches. We transform all kinds of displays to interactive touch less solutions. With a high degree of accuracy, we bring interactivity to exterior and interior spaces.
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